Proper Corruption // LP

by Mercy Ties

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"The cover of the new Mercy Ties record is a lie. It shows the solemn aftermath of the Mount St. Helens eruption, the placid, soot-strewn roads and abandoned vehicles. It does nothing to prepare you for the savage, incendiary assault of Proper Corruption.
Recorded with Scott Evans (Kowloon Walled City, Puig Destroyer, Thou) and mastered by Brad Boatright (Nails, Yob, Old Man Gloom) the punk fuckedness of the Seattle band’s debut EP, A Dim Lit Place, has been sharpened and grown more ugly. Now as a five-piece, they’ve channeled the venom of their live shows into these ten tracks.

In a little over 20 minutes the band uses d-beat, grindcore, sludge and vertigo-inducing mathrock to create something oppressive and relentless with only moments of relief, brief passages of unnerving quiet before another convulsion.

Featuring ex-members of Tigon, The Abominable Iron Sloth and Beau Navire, Mercy Ties is now operating at the height of their abilities, crafting music that effortlessly tears through genres to create something unique and venomous. So maybe the album cover isn’t a lie, but a warning of what to expect after Proper Corruption’s final note." - Shane Mehling


released November 20, 2015

Produced by Scott Evans at Sharkbite Studios & Antisleep Audio (Oakland, CA)
Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege
(Portland, OR)



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


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Mercy Ties Seattle

Born of the ashes of a great fire,
we are the flame they cannot contain.

"Mercy Ties are “punk-rock gone schizo; a deformed approach that adds elements of math rock and grind to create something unsettling, unpredictable and distinctive." - Decibel


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Track Name: You Have The Right To Remain Violent
all cops are bastards
with a gun to my face, knees in my back
a bruise shaped like fists covers my neck
their "just cause"
a probable threat
from teens watching
movies on a saturday night
what might have happened if i were poc
said yo soy boricua; just another statistic

kill pigs, not kids: if there's one bad apple, burn the tree
kill pigs, not kids: every act of creation is an act of destruction

don't buy the lie that we can't make a better world for all of us

the have their guns but we outnumber
frightened children, in adult situations
take away their guns and absolute power
these plausible liars are sick with denial
they've drawn a line on every street
their catastrophes are never discreet
our violence won't negate our rage

don't buy the lie that we can't make a better world
Track Name: Analysis Of a Smile
i finally feel the knot on my neck
behind my ear, and i am waiting
for midnight to come
hoping the governer doesn't call the warden
tonight, a requiem from hells gate crashers
my resignation: ten days in a coma was never long enough
embrace the sovereignty of atrophy
consume its essence, circumvent an uncharted path to liberty
between the mirror and the graveyard
cannibals have no regard
for a divested heart
the orchestra gives up, the choir is hoarse
if only i had been unbuckled, wolves would feast
or is this coercion
gravity, getting in its kicks again
collecting our, unpublished tragedies
Track Name: Now Is The Time For Making New Enemies
reading voltaire at this late hour
wishing for greater things
please do not pretend naivety
the virulence of a new god
infect the minds of a cult disguising its own

for infinite glory leave your checks with the priest
clasped hands are all one needs to putrefy for eternity
religion plagues unstable minds
never yield to their lures, the desperation of salvation

gather your thoughts here comes the long sleep
the candle burns out still smelling of smoke
as the party was interrupted, old fears make the scene
even maldoror found his great white shark

now is the time for making new enemies
Track Name: Thinking Through Our Fingers
nineteen eighty four has come and gone
three decades in and our dystopia is here
we're too wired to ourselves
accessories of rank, nobility in technology
to notice its affectation, on our civility
how long will it take until we're gone forever
how long will it take to euthanize america
when the lights go out, our cities of tenebrae
abandon love for the struggle to survive
your center of belief is a lie
the thin line already frayed
kill obsolete gods with the end of faith

when the sun at last explodes, a pandemic crisis
on nuclear annihilation, chaos controls
our fate an illusion, it's too late for us
life in seclusion is an ascendant journey
once attained death is an inviolable solitude
Track Name: Fuck Your Male Sexual Entitlement
here's a message for us men
we aren't owed a single thing
from that woman that you see
on the street
i don't fucking care how nice
her ass is inside those jeans
keep harassment to yourself
show some restraint

this rape culture hurts us all, sex is not your reward

it's not her fault if she doesn't want you
she's not here to simply love or fuck you
this conversation needs to be addressed
it's not your right to see her body undressed

save our scene from the obscene

all you punks screaming about ex's
you'd want to kill if you ever saw them
is more than pathetic, it's dangerous
inciting violence on the woman you loved
a neurotic sense of male entitlement
is why she left you, don't you ever think
that you deserve a woman just because
you've got a dick but don't know how to love
Track Name: The Lowest Animal
what do you expect, truth is on trial
from the heavens we all look so small
failures from past ventures, a business loss expense
galvanize and televise, the end of empathy

foretold through blood and fear, the likeness of snow
fractured alliances doomed to fail
faiths damaged clones programmed with lies
vile, internecine parasites
embolic stagnation, acts of agitation
i've pulled it off, their rotten cloth
born of the ashes of a great fire
we are the flame they cannot contain
birth to gallows in one infinite space
"don't they know it's the end of the world"
inevitability is the law
to which sadness forms its construct
and we're like flies collected in a spiders web
Track Name: Poetics Of Despair
plagued like a hex, angst infinite
apathy strikes more efficient
than headsmen's demure gestures
please sir crane your neck slightly
lacerating hopes and second hand thoughts
obsessed with failure

can it be that the waking life that i endure is in
another's unremitting nightmare under tyrannies
of the mind
i took the path to the lowest depths, decomposed
in the vulgar
aggravation of ignorance, and left my fear in the void

find splendor in delirium
our kingdom appears to be
Track Name: Stifling Progress
hide yourself behind the day
isolate your bitter calm
it's all so beautiful to see
to shun
your better foot is on the run
your better half will suffice
it wil succumb

stifling progress
Track Name: Life Is Worth Losing
it's my desire to be inseparable from pain
man is an animal that i mock and degrade
skin like sheets of vellum, insolent bone and vein
man is an animal that i mock and degrade
it's my desire to be discarded and effaced
i am the animal that i mock and degrade

transcend in anguish

man is an animal, humanity has run its course
Track Name: Proper Corruption
conclusion, i am no more
once an object now an enigma

humans infatuated with unresponsive ghosts
listen to the drone of death quietly whispering
i used to imagine that it was just for me
but it's a call and response to every living being

this music in my ears is frightening
what we perceive as ourselves
is a persona we can't unite
muscle and sinew, the carcass unbiased
now is the time that we must
accept death into our lives
the resonant tone reverberates